Maybe you saw the article written by Levack about his special at Bobby T's. He thinks everyone should go there and try the Pork hog Wings, and I have they are amazing. I however have something completely different and amazingly tasty for you to try as well.

Sean McMaster

You have to stop by "Bobby T's" on North Allen in Albany and get my special. The "McMaster" is an amazing Thanksgiving Pizza. Yes, you heard me right a Thanksgiving Pizza that will make your mouth water all year long.  It's pizza with gravy as the sauce, turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and cheese. And for the rest of the month it is only $10.77.

Sure you can try Richie's "Grouper Reuben" or Levack's Pork Hog Wings , they are also just $10.77 for the rest of the month, but believe me you will not regret the "McMaster", it's like a holiday in every bite, and filling too! Which ever meal does best will be offered next month for that same price of $10.77 with partial proceeds going to charity.

So, go try that amazing Thanksgiving Pizza and tell them and me what you think!