I received this email yesterday, and of course wanted to immediately see if we could in any way help.  It's a touching story, and funds are desperately needed.Ed Lewis and his son Sean, who has Down's Syndrome, lost all of their belongings back in 2011.  It was a devastating house fire in the Hoosick Falls area.

photo from website

They are living on their property still, but in a borrowed camper!

photo from website

Concerned people in the area have set up a website to help collect donations.  This is tough to ignore.  They need something to live in!  These folks want to at least raise money for a new trailer

They are having a bake sale on April 27th  on Route 7 at the base of Potter Hill in Hoosick Falls,and a cookout on June 1st in an effort to put a cement slab down and a new single wide trailer.

All the information once again is at the website.  You can donate at these events or on the website through Paypal .     Please help these folks.  They walked away from that scene with no clothing and no furniture, not to mention - NO HOUSE!