If you were listening this morning, you may have heard the first installment of what I hope will be a long running feature on "The Sean and Richie Show." I call it "The Kindness Project."

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog that was simply called, "How Can Sean Help You?" I just asked if there was a simple thing you needed that I might be able to help with, nothing too big or expensive, but if I could make you smile and know that someone cares, I'd feel great. The response was tremendous.

To be honest the response was even... overwhelming. Fortunately, I live with, work with and am friends with a whole lot of people who loved the idea and wanted to help. Everyday, someone comes up with a way to help or a wonderful sponsor here on WGNA volunteers their services or products. Really the process of making this first one happen made me feel great and I hope it is a feeling we all get addicted to.

With all that said, listen to our first recipient of "The Kindness Project" and tell me if it doesn't warm your heart a little to hear someone getting something they need and being so moved by the fact that someone cared about their problems, needs or wishes.

I cannot thank "Mazzone Hospitality" enough for helping this family and would also like to thank the great peeps at "Today's Limo" I KNOW they are both top notch and will make sure that this family enjoys their collective "Anniversary dinner."

I hope if you get a chance you give these guys a call and thank them for me as well! This project would be nothing without the support of some our great sponsors here at WGNA!

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