I'm from Schenectady so I guess I never really think much about Delmar but I just learned from the Times Union that the Town of Delmar has had this long-standing mystery and maybe you know the answer.

Schenectady is the "Place Beyond the Pines" and Albany was named after the Duke of Albany after the English took it from the Dutch, according to the Times Union article. The origin of Delmar, though, is apparently still a mystery.

The Bethlehem Town Historian, Susan Leath, has been trying to do research into where the name came from but to no luck. Before it was called Delmar, the area was referred to by the train stop Adamsville on the Albany & Susquehanna Railroad. Somewhere around 1886, the name of the railroad was changed to Delmar and there's no written reason why.

The name Delmar wasn't original to this area so it could be that it was a popular name of the time. There's also a theory that it's based on Del Mar, outside of San Diego, which was a popular vacation spot. Aside from that, we don't know the real reason. Someone does, someone has to have the information somewhere, we just have to figure out who.

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