Children are the future. The children will inherit the Earth after our generation is gone. So obviously it's important that we teach them valuable skills that will help them throughout their lives such as: problem solving, thinking outside the box, and of course, how to hunt for Bigfoot.

Two women from Stanfordville New York have recently published a very interesting book that could be a fun read with your children. Debbie Ray and Gayle Beatty are the authors behind 'A Young Researcher's Guide to Bigfoot' where they are trying to encourage young readers to safely explore nature while also searching for the elusive Sasquatch.

Now whether or not you believe Bigfoot actually exists, you do have to admit that the idea of a book encouraging kids to go outside, explore nature, and obviously use their imagination could only be a good thing. I personally don't see anything wrong with children exploring the idea of Bigfoot, at least they're doing something productive while playing with an imaginary friend.

You never know, some kids that grow up reading this book could eventually become Forest Rangers, Environmental Scientists, or maybe get into something like Zoology. People might ask them how they first got interested in their field of choice, and they will be too embarrassed to actually tell anyone the truth, but in the back of their minds, they'll know it's because of all the days they spent as kids investigating the forests behind their house looking for Bigfoot.

Is this a book you would consider buying for your kids? I know that I would. I'm probably going to order this book later today just so I can say I have it.

You can see the full story about the book here.


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