One GOOD thing has come of all the football  "deflate-gate" talk!

The Inside the NFL crew went to the Wilson football factory, looking for a story angle on "deflate-gate," and this is what they found.  An even better story!

It's hard to believe, but each football is hand sewn for the Superbowl, and this woman, Aunt June, had made every one off them!  Seriously, every one of them since Superbowl one!  She has worked there since 1966, she was only 19, and now 48 years later, she is retiring.  But, she made one more set of footballs and headed to Arizona to see them in action!  Take a look at what Wilson does for her!  This is a GREAT story!

Amazing, right?  Now spread this story as the football story we should be talking about!

Congratulations, June!  Enjoy retirement!

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