Well I don't know about you but this NFL Free Agency has been crazy, and it's not even over yet but with this news, one of the biggest pieces may have finally fallen.

Getty Images
Getty Images

According to multiple sources as well as sources of Adam Shefter , the NFL's leading rusher last year will be signing with the Philadelphia Eagles. I can not think of anything that will infuriate Dallas Cowboy fans as much as this will, as an Eagle fan I'd have to say that in itself is enough for me to call free agency a win this year.

I will also say that while I will always love Shady McCoy, the now, Buffalo Bill, this sure does take the sting away from losing him this week. Maybe, just maybe... Chip Kelly does have a plan????

Now, keep in mind this is not completely confirmed, it never is until the ink is on the contract but I thought it was way to big of a story to sit on until that happened. Now, if it doesn't actually happen I will be the one infuriated!

Fingers crossed EAGLES Fans!


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