This just in: Carson Wentz is done for the season. Torn ACL.  I never root for the hated Philadelphia Eagles team, but I also never root for bad things to happen to their players. I want them to lose, but I want them to lose properly.  It's hard, but even as a Cowboys fan I'm taking the high road; I feel your pain.

Eagle fans are regarded by many as some of the most passionate, aggressive and rude fans in the NFL.  They've been known to cheer when rival players lay motionless on the turf, heck they even booed Santa Claus.  And while many Cowboy fans (and perhaps Giant fans) rejoiced at the news that Eagles star quarterback Carson Wentz is done for the year with a torn ACL, I did not.

I believe in karma. The Dallas Cowboys have given me more heartache and heartbreak in the past 20 plus years than anything in my life. If you think for a second that this can't happen to your favorite player on your favorite team, you better think again.  Cowboy fans know all about losing a star QB due to injuries. I have two words for you: Tony Romo.   Rejoice in someone else's misery and you'll get slapped with the same dose of reality.  The only team this apparently never happens to is the New England Patriots.

Also, just a side note.  I was never a high level athlete and never pretended to be, but I've torn my ACL twice and it SUCKS.  After the initial pain and shock of the injury, the real agony in the form of rehab sets in.  You don't realize how awful it is to not be able to use your leg until it happens to you.  Now keep in mind I only rehabbed to be able to play recreational sports and walk and jump on a low level, and I still worked my tail off. I can only imagine what a professional athlete has to do to get healthy enough for the rigors of an NFL season.

The Eagles are done for the year.  Yes they'll make the playoffs, but any dreams of a Super Bowl went out the window when their star QB took a crushing blow to left knee by a Rams lineman. Eagles fans know this, it's over.  But keep your head up Philly fan, Carson Wentz will be back and you'll be a title contender once again.

Just remember there was at least one Cowboy fan who felt your pain. Need a hug?


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