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Eagle Fans Could Use A Hug; Their Season Is Over
This just in: Carson Wentz is done for the season. Torn ACL.  I never root for the hated Philadelphia Eagles team, but I also never root for bad things to happen to their players. I want them to lose, but I want them to lose properly.  It's hard, but even as a Cowboys fan I'm tak…
Throwback Thursday – Randall Cunningham [VIDEO]
Last week I was talking to one of the "youngins" here at the radio ranch and he had never heard of Steve Martin's song, "King Tut". After telling him all about it and singing it for him I got the idea to do "Throwback Thursday" and get a little nostalgic with some of my…
Caught On Tape
Just when you think these kind of things are a thing of the past,  another celebrity or athlete says something stupid and it's caught on tape. I gotta be honest with you the thing that really gets me about this story may not be what you think.
Eagles Vs Seahawks Thursday NFL Preview
Tonight is a battle of the birds when the Seattle Seahawks host the Philadelphia Eagles. This match up of two 4-7 teams has big meaning to the Eagles. Philly's Head Coach Andy Reid is on the hot seat and coaching to keep his job.
Wild Card Weekend
It's Wild Card weekend in the NFL Saturday and Sunday and with the winter weather rolling in, it gives me yet another reason to stay in and just be lazy!
A Giant Collapse
Oh do i love football season, spending most of my Sundays on my couch enjoying the games, doesnt matter who's playing if it's football I'm watching. Yesterday it was more of the same but this time i was sitting there in awe.  Watching the New York Giants seemingly dominate the Philadelphia Eagles un…