From what I understand, this is what people in our industry call a "bombshell" story.

Allow me to show you a clip from Merloni & Fauria, a Boston-based sports talk show. Boston Red Sox outfielder Hunter Renfroe joined the show, and was asked about the team's recent bout with COVID-19. In what could've been a boilerplate answer, wound up being a complete shock to the system of baseball fans.

Check this out:

Uh oh, Rob Manfred. Uh oh!

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Yes, you heard that clip right. Hunter Renfroe claimed in his interview that Major League Baseball asked the Boston Red Sox to stop testing players for COVID-19, and "treat the symptoms" on their own. Now, as we've remarked during the week on The Drive with Charlie & Dan, the Red Sox have been through the ringer in terms of the coronavirus this month. Just earlier today, starting pitcher Chris Sale tested positive for COVID-19, becoming the 10th player on the team to test positive in recent history.

If you choose to believe Renfroe's comments (and why would he lie about it), then the Sox have a full-blown outbreak on their hands right now.

In addition to that, if you believe what Renfroe said, then Rob Manfred and the leadership of Major League Baseball have some serious questions to answer. Choosing not to test players could prove detrimental to the health of the players, their family, their friends, and the staff members that wouldn't otherwise be exposed.

Personally, this is one of the bigger bombshells that I've heard a player drop in recent memory. As far as I've seen, no entity from Major League Baseball has addressed these comments, and until they do, Rob Manfred and company are liable for anything that happens with the Sox from here on out.

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