Even the most high-profile, well-known athletes share one common trait with the rest of us: they're human beings, too.

To err is human. Making mistakes is just part of the game for all of us, and just because you're on the field every day during the summer, doesn't mean you're immune to making mistakes. When your mistake goes over the line, however, you've broken the law, and a handful of former New York Yankees' players have found themselves in hot water over the years.

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Unfortunately, with a fame and notoriety, comes the risk of having your private affairs dragged into the public eye. What may just be handled quietly for the normal person, may end up on the front of tabloids for your average Major League Baseball player. That exact phenomenon has befallen players in New York.

Some offenses, like Mickey Mantle's public intoxication offense in 1966, were relatively benign, and have largely faded from the public's recollection. Others, like the recently-arrested Sergio Mitre's murder charge, were much more visible in the public eye. A number of the crimes were detailed in a story done by Randy Miller on NJ.com.

Here are ten former New York Yankees' players whom you may not know were arrested, and what led them to that point.

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