Wow - if this isn't a sign of the times.  The numbers don't lie, people! I'm not sure this is going to sit too well with local retailers though

This Cyber Monday looks like is going to break all former records .  According to, the total spending is going to reach nearly $3 Billion!

This is a 12% increase from last year.  Also, interestingly enough, for every 100 products sold, 13 of them were out of stock.

Computer Keyboard
Scott Olson/Getty Images

That actually happened to us.  We looked for 2 things and they were sold out, which made me think immediately that it was a bait and switch kind of thing, but I guess I was being too cynical.  I guess they were just sold out, plain and simple.

How much did YOU spend online?  Would be interested to know.  Maybe you were one of the people that purchased the most popular electronic item of Cyber Monday.  Would you know what that was?  The 4K TV.  (Did anyone tell these people that there's precious little content produced in 4k yet?) I guess it doesn't matter.  As long as it's the latest and greatest, people will shell out.

Samsung 85-inch 4k Ultra HD TV

It's good and all, but I wish some of that cold hard cash could have been spent locally, don't you?




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