It's easy to have a good time at Countryfest, but what's the best part?

For me, it's either the cold beer, great music, or awesome crowd. There's definitely a lot of fun to be had at Countryfest, but what is the best part?

Dierks Bentley (Getty)

Maybe it's our headliner, Dierks Bentley.

When I asked you guys on Facebook today, many of you said great music and great friends were the best parts. One person said taking pictures was her favorite part. Anyone who's been to the event knows there's quite a few interesting things to snapchat during the show.

One person even said waiting in line before the show is his favorite part. "I always meet some pretty cool people. Plus, I love to be as close to the stage as possible," he wrote.

Some people said the ticket price was the best part. For only $45 a ticket, they're probably right considering how many acts we get to see. By the way, if you haven't bought tickets yet, don't wait! You're going to want to get them before they sell out!

What's your favorite part about Countryfest?