Did you know that New York State is actually the 12th most sober state in our fine Union?

Well, it is, but that doesn't mean that every city is sober. And Albany ranks among the drunkest!

Our friends at RoadSnacks.net took the number of available places to buy booze, how often people are talking about drinking, and a city's divorce rate and calculated the drunkest places in New York.

Here are the 10 drunkest cities in New York, according to RoadSnacks.net:

1. Kingston

2. Bay Shore

3. Poughkeepsie

4. Plattsburgh

5. Binghamton

6. Albany

7. Oswego

8. Ronkonkoma

9. Middletown

10. Buffalo

So, there you have it, the 10 drunkest cities in New York. Many of them are college towns. Did they leave anything off the list? Let us know in the comments below!

Jeff j Mitchell, Getty Images