Over the last decade, plus, Cohoes has been in the process of reviving their little city. What had become a run down, in spots, fairly abandoned area has had a lot of hard work put into changing its reputation.

Once a booming area, Cohoes transformed into vacant homes, worn down, empty warehouses, with primarily section 8 housing and a need for police patrolling the streets. As someone that's lived in the area for the majority of my life, it was sad to watch.

Cohoes aerial shot
submitted by Mayor McDonald's Office

Thankfully, in the last 10 years or so, many changes have helped draw people to the area. With luxury apartments taking over some of the vacant buildings, as well as local businesses Cohoes has seen a lot of growth.

City Of Cohoes

In fact, this is the second consecutive year that Cohoes has snagged the titled of "Fastest Growing City In the State!" According to the Center for Economic Growth, between July 1st of 2015 to June 30th 2016, Cohoes added 379 people to its community. So, congratulations "Spindle City," you're doing it right! Keep up the good work!

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