There is something in a recently re-opened Crossgates store that has quite a hefty price tag.

The new Apple Store in the Crossgates Mall has an enormous screen in the back, and it also has an enormous price tag.  According to MacDailyNews the new, enormous displays in Apple's new stores have a price tag of approximately $1.5 million! I stopped in this week and took a few photos. These will give you an idea of how big it is, but they do not do it justice.

$1.5 million! That is one expensive big screen TV. Honestly, this is much more than that and the picture is pretty amazing. Make sure you check it out the next time you are at Crossgates.

And now you know why all those Apple accessories are so expensive. I do not think any Apple owners are complaining though. We love our iPhones and iPads, right?