The Apple store in Crossgates Mall is the greatest place ever, especially if it's your last day of working there.


Have you ever left your job, I mean, like it’s your last day of working somewhere, and all your coworkers bid you farewell by standing in a rally line, high-fiving and hugging you as you walked out? Then, just as you are about to leave through the door, everyone gathers around you for a picture? Me either!  But guess what? It happens at the Apple Store in Crossgates Mall!

I saw this video on my Facebook page. A coworker of Ryan Kelly, Rich Lawrence, posted it so Ryan could remember his  last day on the job. Ryan has been with Apple four years and is leaving to take an IT position with another company.  He told me I could share it with you, take a look.

Isn’t that so awesome? Who doesn’t want to be a part of that?

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