There have been quite a few songs written about this most esteemed holiday.  One person who really brings out the absurdity of it all is Mr. Absurd- Adam Sandler

When I first saw Adam Sandler perform a comedy song on Saturday Nite Live, I didn't know what to make of him.  His lyrics were downright idiotic.  I've done "Reading, Writing and Rhyming" songs with first graders that were lyrically superior to his! (Sorry folks, but I get very defensive when it comes to the kids!)

But be that as it may, I have to admit that his stuff is SO over the top ridiculous and stupid and silly that you just end up throwing up your hands and laughing, so I thought I'd give you a chuckle while you are prepping your tables and getting ready for the holiday.  Here he is!

Thanks, Adam.  And thank you all for watching this.  Enjoy your day!