How many years is it, Ms Pink?  I'm losing track.  We've been working together for a long time with the Reading, Writing and Rhyming program and it continues to amaze me just how great her classes are.   Here's yet another example.  They broke the friendly and cutsey-ometers this time!

I mozied on over  to the Jefferson Elementary School in Rotterdam once again.  Very close to the radio station, so it made it pretty handy.

As usual, Ms. Pink's class was ready with subject ideas and song choices.  Some wanted to change the words to  Little Big Town's "'Pontoon", but we went with "Call Me Maybe" instead (Ever heard of it? - That was a joke)

photo by Richie Phillips

Their topic?  Being friendly, kind and courteous to everyone everywhere.  Who could ask for a better subect than that?  Here we go - with lyrics to follow

mp3 version (right click and download)

                                                                                                     " Call Me Friendly

                 lyrics ©2012 Richie Phillips, Jamie Pink and Jefferson El.

                                               All Rights Reserved

                 Parody of "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen
                   When you are in the school, it's not nice to be cruel
                   When you are on the bus, you should not throw a fuss,
                   And then when you get home, call someone on the phone,
                   And always be polite, no matter - day or nite
                   Hey, we are all friends in this classroom
                   So take our advice, and call us "friendly"
                   We're in Ms Pink's class at Jefferson Elementary
                   So take our advice - and call us "friendly"
photo by Jamie Pink

 Thank to Ms. Pink and these great little first graders.  They were VERY FRIENDLY, and is our sponsor, Hannaford Supermarkets.  Thanks so much for continuing to support the program.