Cooking Thanksgiving dinner is serious work, I don't even cook it and my anxiety is already kicking in!  It's time consuming, expensive and exhausting. Imagine charging your family $30 a plate to show up and eat turkey.  With Thanksgiving right around the corner, would you pay $30 a plate to literally not have to lift a finger, except of course to feed your face?

These days, just anyone can make a an easy breezy Thanksgiving dinner, slap it together, add a pretty filter and post it on Instagram and you'll look like Betty Crocker.  But, I'm talking about the real stuff here.  Turkey, all the fixin's, homemade desserts, and football for just $30.  Where do I sign up?

This may or not be happening but it sure does make for some interesting fodder.  The thought of paying admission into Auntie Ruth's Turkey Day Blowout turned the "twitterverse" into mashed potatoes and some of the responses were downright hilarious.


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