Back in January, two Colonie Motels were raided by Colonie Police for code violations. Code officials declared both buildings uninhabitable and then had them shuttered.

Google Street View and Bro.Lou Roberts

The owner of the Central Avenue motels, the Blu-Bell and Skylane Motels, Alex Patel, was given $750,000 in code violations, but the Colonie Town Board has given him an alternative. All of the fines will be dropped if he tears them down. Patel will be going back to court on Tuesday after he gave a “not guilty” plea to more than 700 code violations for both hotels. For the demolition, Patel will have to apply for demolition permits. After the permits get issued, he’ll have 90 days to tear down both buildings.

According to the article in the Times Union, in addition to demolition of the two buildings, Patel will have to agree about the usage of the properties. He will not be allowed to use them for a boarding house, hotel or a motel.