Today at the station, The Armada Group, a company out of Saratoga, is setting up their executive tailgating experience right in out parking lot! I can't tell you how cool these trailers are or how bad I want to use one for an event. I think you will totally agree.


How much would you love to tailgate at any event with a full size 40' trailer complete with  satellite TV, full bar, lounge, kitchen and even your very own driver/host. This you can do with what the company calls "The Yellow Goose". This thing even has a rooftop party deck! Well you can but I have to admit us "commoners' probably would have a hard time paying for this one. It starts at $3500 for the full day. I can say thought that would be very inexpensive for you company to do. Maybe something to throw into the suggestion box.


Now, the "Red Bar Car" is something I think with the right friends I could totally get behind renting. This thing is very cool and also comes with satellite TV, sound system, fridge and bar. Even comes with chairs and tents to make the party even that much better. This one starts at only $1500 for the day so with you and 14 friends, you can have an ultimate tailgating experience for only $100 a piece.  Could make for a great concert, football game, Nascar race, baseball whatever!

I know I'm looking forward to our company "picnic" later with the ultimate tailgating experience. If you have a company or a bunch of friends who love to party just check out the Armada Group website, and get all the details you need. The only thing I ask is, if you do it, since I'm the one who told you about it, I should get an invite. Just sayin.

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