Winter Hacks Using Household Items
Like it or not, winter has come early. With the first snowfall upon us, here are a few winter hacks that you can do with household items to make your car ready for the cold and snow.
Upstate Police Hilariously Attempt To End Winter(PIC)
If we don't get that much needed 65 or 70 degree day around here really soon, I hope the Albany, Schenectady or Troy Police take note of what these boys in blue did!  This is one humorous (and hopefully effective) way to deal with the cold weather that has been loitering in New York State for way to…
The Man Who Made The Enormous Snowman In Schenectady Just Won Win
This man put in some serious work. He gathered tons of snow and using a wheelbarrow, ladder and an ax, put it all together so I'm glad he's getting some press for it.  Jimmy Marlow from News 10 ABC was at Gordon White's (his last name is WHITE) house this morning doing live cut-ins in front of the g…
More Help With Your Heating Bill
This winter has been a cold one. With the cold temperatures comes a higher heat bill. It was announced that additional funding will help New Yorkers struggling to pay their heating bill.

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