I live in the City of Schenectady and it's not known for a ton of wildlife just hanging around. That's why I was so surprised when I saw the most majestic creature on the tree outside of my house.

Saturday started with such an unexpected visitor at my house! After my boyfriend went to get some coffee, I heard a bunch of noise in the front of my house. I look out of the door of our porch (we live upstairs) and see Jim looking up at the tree.

"Jess, look! It's an eagle!" he yelled to me. I saw a bird in the tree eating a squirrel and figured it could be a hawk or something. That's when the bird turned its head and I saw the white feathers on the top - a bald eagle was in our tree!

I couldn't stop looking at it, it was so beautiful! The branches in the tree in my yard blocked my view a bit. Once it finished its lunch, it flew to a tree down the street and I could get a better look. I hopped in my car (I didn't want to scare it, or get attacked) and drive down about 4 houses to see it better.

I don't know what it is but there's something about a bald eagle that puts a certain feeling in your heart. Yes, it's the symbol of freedom and this country, but they're just so beautiful and majestic. It was such an amazing surprise and I'm so glad Jim spotted it in our tree when he did!

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There was a bald eagle in the tree outside of my house this morning! #Schenectady

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