WARNING! Police in Cohoes are asking residents to be aware that a bear was spotted this morning (Wed May 1st) in Cohoes. According to CBS 6 News, Mayor Shawn Morse is warning residents to be on the lookout for a bear that was wandering through the streets of Cohoes this morning. The bear was spotted on Congress Street and Imperial Avenue.

Cohoes Police want all residents to keep their children and pets inside. They are also recommending that there be no outside activities for schools. You may see more police patrolling near school grounds today to try and locate the bear.

Police did confirm sightings and are searching for the bear in the area of Cohoes Crescent Road and Fonda Road near the Mohawk River.

If you do see the bear, please do not approach it. You are urged to call police and wait for assistance. The Cohoes non-emergency number is 518-237-5333.

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