This week was a big one for music videos being released from all the new hits coming out of Nashville.

It's always cool to me to see what they creatively come up with behind the scenes to have take place within the videos that end up being released. Sometimes it's like, "whoa...that's what they decided, huh?" and other times it's a creative masterpiece!

I'm not going to say these are masterpieces by any means...but, I'm definitely a fan of the fun Miranda Lambert got to have in "We Should Be Friends." There are beer cans used as rollers and cute puppies and Miranda gets her hair all foiled up. I'm also jelly 'cause my hair needs a cut, it's been almost a year - I'm a bad "girl."

Zac Brown Band released the lyric video for "My Old Man" which includes so many old photos. A bit of a look into their worlds behind the concerts and albums.

Blake Shelton has a new video for "Every Time I Hear That Song"...everyone will think this is about Miranda, I'm sure.

Dan & Shay released their new video for "When I Pray" which will be used on the soundtrack to The Shack.

And these guys said they weren't crossing to Pop, but then they released this song this week for Pop, soooo...

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