Following Limo Tragedy, State Police Seize 59 Vehicles
In the months following the horrific Schoharie limo crash that took the lives of 20 people, efforts are being made to prevent such a tragedy again.  License plates have recently been stripped off dozens of vehicles, and while nothing can ever 100 percent ensure our passenger safety, this at lea…
Hockey Bus Crash A Sober Reminder Of How Precious Life Is
Every single day, Section 2 athletes from right here in the Capital Region gather with teammates and coaches alike, they board a bus and head to their destination. Off to play games in small towns, hill towns and rural areas. Never in our wildest imagination do we think, God forbid, that something l…
Gun Show Cancelled
A gun show that was scheduled in the same building as high school basketball, has been cancelled. Organizers just didn't think it was the right place in the wake of the recent tragedy.
How We in NY Can Help Those In Las Vegas
I've been watching the news all day trying to figure out every detail, trying to figure out how someone could do this and even so many hours later I can't wrap my head around it.
I Witnessed the Aftermath of a Cohoes Tragedy
Working the hours that I do, I am in rush hour traffic most of my life. I can, at this point typically tell if it is just the normal congestion, if someone is pulled over up ahead; or maybe there is a fender bender holding things up. The merging traffic by Wolf Road is always
How To Talk to Your Kids About Tragedy
This morning we focused a lot about the terrible shooting in Orlando that happened over the weekend.
It's hard for adults to discuss this sort of thing, let alone children.  They don't know how to process this sort of tragedy, so this morning we shared some tips for parents for talking…
Woman Critically Injured At Fenway Park Is Expected To Survive
Fenway Park was the scene of one of the most tragic and completely freak accidents to happen at a baseball game. 44 year old Tonya Carpenter was sitting near the field between home plate and third base with her son and a friend when the most unlikely of tragedies happened. Tonya Carpenter was struck…

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