Every single day, Section 2 athletes from right here in the Capital Region gather with teammates and coaches alike, they board a bus and head to their destination. Off to play games in small towns, hill towns and rural areas. Never in our wildest imagination do we think, God forbid, that something like what occured the other other night 135 northeast of Saskatoon, could ever happen to us. It's a somber reminder that life is precious, fleeting, and should never be taken be granted. Amsterdam, Cairo, Cobleskill, and Ft.  Edward all have populations of around 6,000 people, nearly the same as the amount living in Humboldt, Canada home of Broncos, a junior hockey team with players ranging from 15-21. At least 15 people are dead after a crash between a tractor-trailer and a bus carrying a Canadian junior hockey league team, a tragedy that struck at the heart of a tightknit city in rural Saskatchewan and immediately echoed through the hockey world and beyond.  

These young men were on a bus to play the game they love.  Life in a small town will never be the same.  Ever.  It breaks my heart. 

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