I hate that things like this happen in our world.

To me, it always seems that some people endure the hardest tragedies at the worst possible time. That is the case for this couple, Jake and Jill Montesano, who lost their home to fire yesterday.

gofundme.com, jake and jill
gofundme.com, jake and jill

I know we all talk a big game about "supporting the troops" or being animal lovers, or about the need for family and charity. This, my friends, is your chance to support all of the above. I think it's best explained by the text written by Kate Montesano who has started a "gofundme" page to raise money for the couple. Kate wrote:

"Jake and Jill lost their home in a fire on December 19th, 2013. The entire contents of their house was lost including their two wonderful dogs, Bohica and Kodiak who will never be forgotten.

For those of you who do not know Jake and Jill, they are both proud members of the National Guard. Jake is a combat veteran with two overseas tours. Jill left for first tour and has been deployed for 10 months and was scheduled to arrive home Saturday, December 21st. She now has to come home to complete disarray, making an already difficult transition back into her life a lot harder. 

Everything they own has been lost. 

Please help them rebuild their lives as they have dedicated their lives to protecting our country."

Please visit this page then SHARE this with all of your friends, I would love to somehow lesson the blow of losing a home and two loving dogs for these two soldiers!

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