A Niskayuna man who took his daughters to the movies back on June 29, 2013, was attacked and beaten at the end of the movie, allegedly by a group of teenagers . It happened at the Bow Tie Cinema in Schenectady.

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I saw the story in The Daily Gazette, about how the teens were being disruptive during the movie. This irritated the man and he snapped his fingers at one of them as the teen was walking down the aisle.

The attack happened when the lights came up at the end of the movie. There were people who saw the man get punched and kicked, allegedly by the teens. One of his daughters was also knocked to the floor when she tried to help her father.

The man’s injuries included some broken bones, a damaged tooth and a concussion. It’s believed that there were at least eight teens who were involved in the assault. The whole group consisted 10 to 15 of boys and girls.

On Wednesday, 16-year-old Roeson Cobb pleaded not guilty at the Schenectady County Court appearance. Sixteen-year-old Dashwan Harrison, 18-year-old Jonas Jeanot (who was 17 when the attack happened) and 16-year-old Terrell Bell were all charged in adult court. Cobb was released on bail. There were a couple of other youths, aged 15 or younger, that will be facing charges in juvenile court. The story in The Daily Gazette has even more information about the previous records of some of the teens.