I am a huge fan of the ABC show "What Would You Do?". What I didn't realize is that yesterday I would be caught up in a real life scenario. At first I thought I would keep my mouth shut, but then I noticed my six year old was watching and all bets were off.I was playing the carnival ring toss game with Ryan and Jenn yesterday when I noticed a group of teenage girls playing too. When the workers weren't looking, one of the girls climbed over and placed a ring on top of the bottle. She went back to her place and screamed that she won. The prize is an enormous stuffed animal. As the worker came closer, he asked which one she wanted. She was playing it up.

Ryan turned to me, after watching her cheat and said to me that the girl really didn't win and why would she do that. I waited to see if she would go through with it. Just as the manager was coming to give her the prize, I stepped in.

I told her that I couldn't just stand by watching any more and in good faith not say anything. I explained to her that I know she wasn't hurting anyone, but my six year old witnessed her cheat to get what she wanted. I couldn't let it just go without teaching him that it wasn't right.

To my surprise, the teenage girl completely understood and knew she was wrong. She apologized to me and to the staff and went on with her day.

I have to admit, if I wasn't there with Ryan, I may not have said anything. But I am happy that faced with this "what would you do" I chose to do the right thing for my conscious, but also for Ryan to know that it was wrong.

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