I am fascinated by crime stories and unsolved cases. I am also convinced that I will find someone on the run or capture a criminal. Having said that, I was so relieved to find out today that the teacher and student on the run for the last five weeks were not only found but that the 15 year old girl was found safe. 

The teacher, Tad Cummins, left the small town in Tennessee with 15 year old Elizabeth Thomas on March 13. A student reported that they had seen them kissing in the classroom and a few weeks later, the two disappeared.

They were found in a remote area in California by some very aware cabin owner. He asked if they needed a place to stay and offered up their cabin. He knew something was off so he stalled the couple the next morning and asked the teacher to come outside with him to help him with a project. This is where the police arrived and arrested him. The teacher will be charged for kidnapping among other charges.

I am so happy to hear that the girl was found safe and that her captor will be brought to justice. I am more elated that Elizabeth will be reunited with her family.

I am still holding out hope that someday I too will be like the cabin owner in this story and it will lead to an arrest and another happy ending.

Are you obsessed with unsolved cases or think you will catch a criminal?

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