Another store is filing for bankruptcy and is closing all of its locations. This means that another store will be closing at Colonie Center. According to, a popular accessory store that is known for their color coordination of purses, jewelry, and apparel has filed for bankruptcy and it's closing all of its stores nationwide.

Charming Charlie failed to turn around a previous bankruptcy when they closed one hundred stores. Now they are forced to close their remaining two hundred sixty-one locations in thirty-eight states including the one inside Colonie Center. That store opened back in 2011.

The company didn't state why they couldn't overcome the bankruptcy but many believe that web stores and internet sales, as opposed to brick and mortar stores, are a reason for poor sales.

The liquidation of all of the stores should take about two months. No word on an actual date as to when the Charming Charlies will close in Colonie Center.

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