Spider Webs - Beautifully Intricate [GALLERY]
Although many people fear spiders, you cannot deny what amazing creatures they are. They can spin their homes in minutes in the most intricate places and create such beautiful displays. Check out some of the coolest spider webs that have been photographed.
Morning Show ‘Doomed’ At Next Live Broadcast!
Wednesday morning Chrissy and I will be broadcasting live from the Great Escape  and Splashwater Kingdom from 6am-10am on Wednesday morning.  If by some chance you hear some screams, shouts, and the sound of someone crapping their pants, this may be the reason why:
The Effects Of Drugs On a Spider [VIDEO]
This is science right here folks. Here is proof straight from nature about the effects of caffeine, marijuana, alcohol and crack cocaine. By testing these substances on spiders we get a real look on what they can do to you in day to day life.