Yes, a real tree means real bugs, seems obvious, right? Have you ever actually stopped to think about what exactly you're bringing in your house, though?

Between last weekend and this weekend, this is when everyone is going out to pick up their real trees for the Christmas season. Along with the Christmas spirit, have you ever thought about what else you're bringing in to your house?

As The Hearty Soul warns, your tree has been sitting outside growing for a few months now and it's probably home to a host of creepy crawlers that can't wait to call your place their new home. In case you're curious about which bugs you're most likely to see, here's a list, so before you bring in that new tree, be prepared for these critters to come along for the ride.

  • Aphids are very common and very likely to be in your tree when you bring it home. They only measure about an eighth of an inch and can't fly so chances are they'll continue to live in the tree and not bother you but their offspring may have wings and those you have to look out for.
  • Mites have a bunch of different varieties and most commonly found on douglas-fir, white pine, Fraser fir, and spruce trees. They're also small and also tend to stay on the tree, though.
  • Spiders are already probably in your house but can also be brought in through new Christmas trees. Chances are though, these spiders will die off pretty quickly since they're meant to be in outdoor temperatures.

If you're looking to keep these bugs out, you can always get a fake tree but if your heart is set on that pine smell, just make sure you inspect the branches before you choose your tree. Keep an eye out for visible egg sacs or other signs of infestation. You can always let your tree sit in your garage for a few days to give the bugs a chance to leave. Third, shake it. A lot of tree farms do this for you, but if they don't, shake it vigorously. You could also spray neem oil on it to kill remaining insects but steer clear of insecticides that tend to be flammable.

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