I joke, but this is an actual story, and it happened on a major highway in Kansas.

Poor Diana Bell, according to the Great Bend Tribune, was traveling on a highway, and yes, along came a spider and sat down beside her. It landed in her lap. In order to swat it she had to free her hands from the obligatory "10 and 2" of the steering wheel. She crossed the center line of the highway and hit one person head-on, then sideswiped a minivan whose parts started flying and hit another car.

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Eleven poor people had to be checked out in the hospital because of the incident.

I guess there were no serious injuries-- why?  Everyone involved had a seat belt on.

This definitely is not the first time we've heard about a spider causing highway havoc, but never putting 11 lives in danger!

I guess this shows that ANYTHING can become a distraction- spilled coffee, your contact lens falling out- the sky's the limit.

Bring on the self driving cars, I say!

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