Ok - now we're digging deep.  I found some Countryfest shots from ….13 years ago?  Could it be?  

I have many, many memories of this amazing event. I'm proud to say that I've been to every single Countryfest (21 in all).    Unfortunately there were no digital cameras in the early days, so I really don't have much before 2000.  But here are a few pix from this particular year (comments are below each shot)

Photo by Richie Phillips

I took this shot of Jo Dee Messina backstage as she was ready to go on!  Remember her? If not, here are her top songs courtesy of our sister site - TheBoot.com

Photo by Richie Phillips

My son, Ben and Miley's daddy - Billy Raye (Achy Breaky) Cyrus.

photo by Richie Phillips

Sean, Phil Vassar, Chris Cagle, and me

Photo by Richie Phillips

Can you find yourself here?


Photo by Richie Phillips

Sean and I jamming' with Phil's piano before he took the stage


There you go - Countryfest 2001 with Jo Dee Messina, Phil Vassar, Chris Cagle, Lonestar (I think - I'll have to recheck that!) and many more.

I hope to see you there this year at Countryfest 2014.  It's going to be equally amazing, for sure.  (Do you have your tickets?  Hope they still have some left!)