I'm not sure what day of the week you are looking at this, but here is my contribution for Throwback Thursday.  

The photo is stamped 1/1/97.  I think it was actually 1/1/98 , but it was definitely before she became the famous Rachael Ray that she is today.  Sean knew her (she used to work at Price Chopper handing out food samples, believe it or not!).  He got her to come in and actually cook us breakfast on a George Foreman grill.  Do you believe that?

I couldn't find that shot, but I do have this photo.

photo by Richie Phillips

You could tell even without any audio that she had a great personality on the air.  Amazing just how far she has come - TV show, cookware, dog food, the whole 9 yards.  Here's her website to see all that this media mogul has to offer.

I have a TON of old WGNA related shots to share over the coming weeks.  Do you?  Send them to us at Richie@wgna.com