You may have noticed that gas in the Capital Region has gone up recently, more than usual. That, of course, is because of the recent tragedies in Texas and Florida but AAA has some details on when we should see those prices go down.

Analysts had predicted after Hurricane Harvey that we'd see a decrease in sticker prices as soon as mid-September but then Hurricane Irma happened. According to CBS6 Albany, Stewart's spokesperson Maria D’ Amelia said that Harvey was the only hurricane that directly affected the oil refineries directly but both affected the Northeast supply.

AAA Northway Director of Public Affairs Eric Stigburg said that though it won't be as soon as mid-September, we should see the prices drop again closer to the end of the month. As long as there are no other outside factors, we should see the prices return to around $2.30 locally. Be warned though, they won't change overnight, these prices will drop a lot slower than they went up, around a couple of pennies a week.

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