If you missed the season premiere of Saturday Night Live you missed some really good comedy, not to mention the antics of Miley Cyrus as host. Earlier today I posted a blog about Hillary Clinton's guest appearance where she played a bartender pouring drink for "Hillary Clinton" being impersonated by cast member, Kate McKinnon. While that was cool , I have to say that Taran Killam's impersonation of Donald Trump in the show's open definitely stole the show and got the season kicked off on the right foot.

Donald Trump himself weighed in about the impersonation on Twitter saying that Taran Killam did a better job playing Trump than Hillary did at playing herself. TO be fair she was indeed NOT playing herself but I get what you are saying Donald.

I also have to throw out props to Cecily Strong who plays Donald's wife, Melania in the skit, she is outstanding as usual. All that and some pretty funny writing make this a slam dunk for a great bit.