Hated to wait for the certain time they were hosting the test to find out if you were Jeopardy-qualified? Wait no more, now you can take the test whenever you want!

Have you always wanted to be on Jeopardy? Think you can do as well as James Holzhauer? Well, Jeopardy has decided to open up their testing, according to Uproxx.

The way the test usually works, it's my understanding that you register and they give you a time and if you miss that time, you may miss your opportunity to be on the show. Now, you can take the test whenever you want.

It took Holzhauer about a dozen times to pass it so no need to rush your studying for their testing period. You can take it when you're good and ready. Remember, you only get one chance per each 365 days!

Curious to know what it's like? Jeopardy created a video to preview the Anytime Test so you can see what you should be expecting.


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