With the news today that Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert filing for divorce, it made me wonder about all celebrity marriages.  And then I jumped immediately to the differences between celebrity marriages and "civilian" marriages.

The reasons that Blake and Miranda couldn't make it work are probably very different from the reasons that normal, non-celebrity couples split, right?

I mean, they are both always on the road, different people throwing themselves at both of them all the time.  They probably don't remember what city they're in on any given night, let alone where the other partner is!  Plus, there was rumor that there was jealously between them over who was winning more awards.

And, do you think their is just a curse on celebrity couples?  I do!

So, when I saw this list of the 8 most common things couples fight about, I doubted that Blake and Miranda fought about these things, but I sure as hell can relate!

According to a new survey, here are the top 8 reasons that couples get into fights -


1.  Someone making a mess around the house. Yaaaassss!  Him, or me, or the kids, doesn't matter, we'll fight about it!  And who's gonna clean it up!


2.  Money.  Ahhhhhh!  I wish we never had to talk about money!  It will lead to a fight 3 out of 5 times!  (I bet Blake and Miranda don't worry too much about money.)


3.  Chores.  Yes. Since our first week of marriage.


4.  Relatives.  We're pretty good about this one, but I do know some couples who can not get their in-law act together!


5.  The children.  We're pretty good about this one, but there ends up being an argument when one or both of ours end up having a negative characteristic of one or both of us!  Like "she's being bossy and she's being like you!"  Or "He's not listening to anything I say, just like YOU!"


6.  Sex.  Yep.  I wonder if Blake and Miranda have the same intimate arguments that we do?  Sex knows no social bracket, right?


7.  Going out.  If the home versus out balance is thrown off too much, we might have a moment about it.  You?


8.  Past relationships. Well, if I weren't a jealous maniac, we'd be just fine with this one, but I can't let anything go.  #SorryNotSorry


So there, that's how I can relate to the most common things a couple can fight about, can you?

I feel really bad that Miranda and Blake are no longer an item, but I hope that they each can find happiness on their own!

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton
Larry Busacca, Getty Images

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