A Capital Region city is asking residents to assist the local police department in helping them keep an eye out for crime. They are calling on residents and their furry friends. I grew up in Mechanicville and it is a tight knit community. There are many residents who take advantage of the fact that they can walk freely through the city streets and "keep an eye" on their city. Well now the Mechanicville Police Department is asking the residents for help in fighting crime.

There is a large population of dog walkers in Mechanicville who are on the streets a lot and at all hours of the day and night. They are also in areas that the police may not be able to patrol. They are asking dog walkers to be alert and aware of strange activity on their walks and to report what they may see.

According to News Channel 13, Mechanicville police hope to have a brief training program for the dog walkers. This will not only help keep the city safer, but build more of a relationship between the police and the community.

I'm excited too. My mom lives in Mechanicville and when we go out of town, she watches our dog, Freddie. I am thrilled to know that Freddie will be helping to fight crime in my hometown!

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