Beware of Amazon Email Scam
Another scam is circulating around the internet and to your email. An elaborate authentic-looking Amazon email may be in your inbox. Here's what to look for so you don't fall for this scam.
New "Unclaimed Rewards" Scam
There are scams popping up each and every day. Now there is one that targets you to claim a reward to get your credit card information and it looks legit.
Love Cowboy: Should I Move To Florida For My BF (AUDIO)
How would the Love Cowboy handle a GNA listener email from a woman who is contemplating leaving the Capital Region to live with her boyfriend who just got a new job in Florida?  Well, after he managed to insult Brian on his previous relationship pitfalls, he slammed Chrissy and her beloved hometown …
GNA Listener: My Friend Saved The Life Of Me And My Son
Luke Bryan believes most people are good, and who are we to argue? Amazing stories of generosity and selflessness have been pouring in as proof, and every morning this week we're reading emails sent in by listeners describing a person who is simply 'doing good'.
Watch Out For Fake Wells Fargo Bank Phishing Emails
You know what phishing is, right?  Someone sends you a letter "fishing" for information from you - be it your social security number or bank account information.  I'm getting sick to death of these things, so I'm going to start publishing these fake emails so yo…

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