There are scams popping up each and every day. Now there is one that targets you to claim a reward to get your credit card information and it looks legit. According to News 10 ABC, there is a scam going around that may come through a message on social media, email, or even a postcard in the mail stating that you have an "unclaimed reward" waiting for you. The Better Business Bureau is sending out the warning about this latest scam.

The scammers are attempting to trick victims into providing their credit card information according to the Better Business Bureau. The messages will look legit and be an "unclaimed reward" for a major retailer like Walmart or Target. The message will also ask you to provide your phone number to claim the reward.

If you do give your phone number, they may call and ask to confirm your identity over the phone and get your credit card information to pay for mailing the rewards. Then they take this information to steal your credit card.

You are warned to not give out credit card information by phone or any of these ways they are trying to contact you.

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