Whatever side you're on, you're probably pretty passionate about it.  When it comes 'springing ahead' and 'falling back' we, as Americans, are certainly not without an opinion.  And a strong one at that.

For the record, I've yet to hear a plausible explanation to save an hour here or lose an hour there.  I've read that the idea of 'saving daylight' was to conserve energy in the Summer when most people are outside of their homes.  Logically that makes sense, but what about the energy we expend in the Winter when the days are insanely short, and cold, and we're indoors much more?  Wouldn't it just balance itself out?

For example, If I misplace a dollar in March, but find that same dollar in the November, I have the same amount of money at the end of the year that I started with.  That's basically what we're dealing with when we attempt to 'save daylight' isn't it?  The light we save, we lose in the end, so why bother at all.

The other very essential part of this discussion is perhaps the most heated, diametrically opposed and venomously debated portion of all.

There are those who say and spell Daylight Saving Time correctly, and those who don't.  In my opinion, the people who obnoxiously correct those who accidentally put an (s) on the word 'saving'  are far more annoying than the people who say or miss-spell it in the first place.   We get it: It's Daylight Saving Time.

Take a quick glance at the title of my blog. Sorry, I'm not sorry if I annoyed you.

Now let me go back to getting that extra hour of sleep!


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