If you already have a gun permit, pay attention because by the end of the month, you could become a criminal. Depending on when you got your gun permit, on January 31st, you may be listed as a criminal. Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple says that because of the SAFE Act, there is a law that states that gun owners now have to recertify their permit every five years. If they don't, the permit is automatically revoked.

Apple does state, however that they don't have the resources to track down all of the permits that need to be renewed. Therefore they are asking the permit holders to check and see when it was issued. If your permit was issued on or before January 15, 2013 your deadline is January 31 this year. If it was issued after January 15, 2013, the deadline is five years after the date of issue.

According to NewsChannel 13, Apple says, “I can tell you as of Friday there was somewhere around 3,800 Albany County residents who had recertified. That’s out of probably close to 30,000 so you're talking about 10-to-12 percent."

He went on to say that it only takes a couple of minutes depending on how many guns you may have. There more you have, the longer it may take. Once you are recerified, you won't have to do it again for another 5 years.

Click here for information and to recertify.

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