I am a guy who enjoys to go out and have a few drinks with friends from time to time.  There are some drinks though that some of us need to stay away from. I was talking to friend earlier today who went out last night and decided to have a "few" shots of tequila and said they were paying for it today. Me being the music guy I am just started thinking about all the great songs this beverage have inspired.

First there is the great new tune from Kenny Chesney and Grace Potter "You And Tequila"

Then you have Joe Nichols big hit "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off"

John Anderson gave us the Classic "Straight Tequila Night"

One of my all time favorites from Lonestar "Tequila Talkin"

and of course Tracy Byrd got in the ring and went "Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo"

Tequila doesn't mix well with some people, but it certainly mixes with great country songs!!!  Which one is your favorite?

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