Currently Toby Keith and Kip Moore have brand new songs out about one of my favorite beverages, Beer!

That's one thing I like about Country music, there is nothing wrong about singing a little diddy about some having a few cold ones and enjoying life. I really love these new tunes from Toby and Kip and i can add them to my list of other favorite songs about beer.

1. I Like Beer -- Tom T. Hall

I grew up listening to a lot of  Tom T. Hall when I was a toddler, and I remember this one fondly! Look what ya did to me Mom And Dad!

2. Sell A Lot Of Beer -- The Warren Brothers

These guys are truly underrated, the write many great songs for other artists but never could find success on their own. I have always really dug this song.

3. Beer Thirty -- Brooks and Dunn

Not one of Kix and Ronnie's bigger hits, but who doesn't say "It's Beer Thirty" after having a long, hard day at work. I know I do! 

4. Hold My Beer -- Trace Adkins

From Trace's Album, Cowboy's Back In Town. This tune was never released as a single, but I get a chuckle every time I pop the CD in my player.

5. There's aTear In My Beer -- Hank Williams Jr. and Sr.

Can't have a list like this without this all time classic as Bocephus uses technology to allow him to duet with his father.

All these songs about beer is making me thristy, think i better pick up a 6-pack after work! Any of these your favorites?

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