The dive team from the Corinth Fire Department is comprised of 11 local volunteers and they're being hailed as heroes for their impressive work over the weekend.  Dillon Wilson, from Corinth, lost his leg to an infection after a motorcycle accident back in 2015. He'd been fitted with a very costly $127,000 prosthetic leg ever since, but lost that one on Friday when he was jet skiing on the Hudson River.  After he placed a call for emergency responders to help him, they proceeded to spend the next 3 days trying to locate it.  It took some time and they refused to give up and Wilson was given some great news yesterday.

According to News 10 ABC  the fire department's divers searched the area but came up empty-handed. On Friday, the dive team reassembled to take another shot, searching for three more hours with still no luck

On Sunday, the dive team joined up with the Hadley-Luzerne Fire Department, ROG Scuba, Kraken Scuba, and Water Horse Adventures and waded back into the Hudson. This time, within 20 minutes, divers located the prosthetic leg in approximately 15 feet of water and were able to safely return it to its owner who was ecstatic.

Corinth Leg 2

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